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Rival Glass EP

by Trespassers

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The start of a new year comes with a new set of goals. Determination breeds new ambitions and the past is left securely in the rear view mirror. For the upstate New York-based quintet, Trespassers, this is the year to give rise to those ambitions. And with the first chords of the band's new EP Rival Glass, it is obvious that band has has its sights set squarely on the future. Rival Glass starts with the explosive "Dead End" and embarks on a five-song journey that not only cements the band's trademark for writing melodic and emotional songs with a colossal backbone, but explores new sonic territory as well. This is the year for Trespassers -- with the arrival of the EP, there is no turning back.


released February 24, 2015



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Trespassers Syracuse, New York

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Track Name: Dead End
Take the wheel, I drove us off the map.
The down-pouring rain makes it hard to look back.
I said goodbye, not knowing where to go.
Who would have thought these empty roads would make me feel at home?
Mile markers become a blur, my eyes doze off on every turn.
I hate knowing that I'm glad I'm not alone.

Don't hold back.
Let your thoughts come out to play.
Would we face the dead end anyway?
Don't lose track of what's in front of you,
hoping to keep this in drive.
We'll stray from the night.

Take me, to a place where my hollow head can rest.
So I can rid myself from this weight on my chest.
Day by day, Night by night.
I'm hoping I can find a way to make this right.

I might hate where I am but at least I'm going somewhere.
Track Name: Eclipse
No sun washes over me.
I try to breathe but I can't.
Save the words that you left for me when I'm gone.
The seasons changing, and so is your heart.
How could we give up now we've come this far.
I just can't take this constant pressure anymore,
with a dreading thought of what's been done before.

It used to be so easy, but never anymore.

There is nothing you can say to change my mind,
I'm running out of places for my thoughts to hide.
I'll always be just a puppet on a string,
that makes every move you wanted from me.

Times are changing and I can't keep up.
Overwhelmed, nothing's good enough.
I'm losing this fight in my mind every night.
I can't close my eyes from the fear of not waking up.
It's never enough.
Track Name: Thereafter
And here's to one more day,
I can't keep my head up
it's hard to say how I feel to you or even myself.
And now I'm fading away.
I don't even know who I am anymore.

Break me into pieces and don't bother mending
because I've spent my life pretending.

I can't shake this feeling, It won't let up.
I don't wanna be someone else,
I don't want to have to start again.
Where I can't comprehend it until I reach the end of my days.

I rely on your grace where it hurts,
like a dagger sinking deeper.

Go on, when I'm gone.
Didn't leave you with enough.
Now, I'm torn between this bitter end and what's to come after.

Lost for words,
running in circles again and now I'm forced to face this alone.

Under this pressing weight a soul cannot escape.
And now I'm lost.
Go on, when I’m gone.
Send my body out to sea.
I know you'll all forget about me.
I am no one.
I am nothing.
And it's all I'll ever be.
Break away from me.
And you'll finally be free.

So there's to one more day.
Track Name: No Solace
Running out of patience
Running out of hope
Terrified to find the answer at the end of this rope.
I see my old reflection as I drop to my knees.
Where have I gone?
Who is this in front of me?

I am nothing,
Nothing but a ghost of me.
You see right through me.
I see our old reflection as we drop to our knees.
What have we done, tell me what you see in me.
Are you even listening to a single word I say?
It feels like I'm living in repeat.

Why did we have to let this go?
All we did was just wait for the unknown.
Track Name: Sinking Stone
When push comes to shove,
And you're all alone standing beside your ghost.

I tried to tell myself that it's just a phase.
Because in my eyes no one should ever be treated this way.
Making it hard to breathe with a taste that burns my tongue.
I'm still fighting my demons but this time they've already won.
But I gave up, a long time ago.

Telling lies to myself to fall asleep at night
Your heart of stone makes it hard to believe you're alive.
Can't you tell you're building walls to keep yourself from the inside?

I keep on trying over and over to skip your stone to the other side.
Tear open my chest, you stole my soul from me.
Tear open my chest, now you lie beneath the waves.

I won't let you in anymore. Lock me in my own world and throw away the key. It's too dark for anybody but me.